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  • Sat
    Jan 30

    Promoting Resource Efficiency Among SME’S

    Hotel Raj Park, Alwarpet

    Food & Beverage subsector constitutes about 60% of the retail sector (2011). The Energy / Power consumption in the food & beverage retailers accounts for 15% of their operational cost. The Food & Beverage sector also generates large amounts of waste and contributes towards environmental pollution. For instance, around 40% of food production in India is estimated to be wasted due to improper handling, transportation and storage.

    To highlight in brief about this topic: “Promoting Resource Efficiency among Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) is part of the Green Retail project funded by European Commission through the SWITCH-Asia program, which targets the food & beverage vertical in the Indian retail sector and aims at greening the retail supply chain, focusing on MSMEs. It facilitates the switch to resource efficient practices in retailers’ operations and contributing to the evolution of green consumers. The project aims at improving the situation of specifically Retailers, MSMEs in supply chain of Retailers, Govt. Bodies, Financial Institutions, Consumer Groups and Civil Society. In India, we target mainly Mumbai, National Capital Region, Bangalore and Chennai.

    The implementing partners of the project are:

    1. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

    2. Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST)

    3. Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP)

    4. Retailers Association of India

    5. Austria Recycling (AREC)

    6. STENUM Asia Sustainable Development Society (STENUM)

    In Association with

    CONCERT Trust, Chennai

    This seminar/ workshop will help you to learn basic principles and practices of Sustainable Consumption & Production and Resource Efficiency specific to the industries, gaining practical knowledge to implement SCP in the shop floor and also to understand Food safety regulations related to adulteration, licensing and registration.

    Benefits to the companies on this session are mainly to Understand :

    • Improved resource efficiency
    • Financial savings as a result of cost reduction
    • Reduced energy and water consumption of retail outlets Improved water & waste management cleaner production and packaging optimization for MSMEs
    • International exposure and networking with European retailers
    • Increased sustainable consumption behavior of end consumers

    Mr. M.R.Srinivasan presented on the importance of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in retail supply chain especially among SMEs and gave tips for Resource Efficiency.

    Mr. G.Santhanarajan gave a presentation on food safety, food adulteration and food sector in India. He explained how Packaging and Labelling Techniques can enhance the product value of SMEs.

    Mr. Jeganathan, an organic farmer from Pakkam Village in Tamilnadu, discussed the significance of organic farming, his startup named Nalla Keerai, hazards of using pesticides and fertilizer to our health etc.