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  • Thu
    Oct 08

    Green Retail at the National Workshop for Organic Farming

    On the 8th of October ASSIST has presented the Green Retail project during the National Workshop for Organic Farming in Chennai organized by Concert Trust, a centre for Consumer education, Research, Teaching, Training and Testing. As part of the interactive platform activity of the project, this workshop was used as a forum to connect retailers, farmers and other stakeholders. The workshop was focused on organic farming and the consumer's perception of organic food. A report was presented by Hansa Research which revealed that consumers have difficulties identifying organic food and need more awareness. The need for labeling of organic food was an important topic that was discussed and comparisons with European standards were made. Through this discussion about organic farming the farmers are more aware of the challenges and benefits of organic farming and how to reach out to the retailers. It also sheds lights on the importance and need of consumer awareness about organic food which will be used for setting up the consumer awareness campaigns in the Green Retail project.

    Organizations like the National Agro Foundation, Food Safety & Standards Authority of India, Civil Supplies & Consumer Protection Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu and The Organic Farmers Market were present. A platform has been created through this forum to connect farmers and retailers and will be expanded through the connections established. Inputs from this event are taken for the consumer awareness campaigns about green consumption which will be planned along with organizations like Concert Trust (part of Consumers Association of India).

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