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Project team Green Retail at Switch Asia Networking meeting

From the 18th and 20th of June Green Retail project team joined the 5th Switch Asia Networking Meeting. More than 150 participants joined the event. The objective of the meeting is to engage projects in exchange of lessons learnt, to take stock of project results, and establish new synergies for scaling-up project activities. The meeting consisted of plenary sessions, workshops, discussions and networking opportunities. In the plenary sessions different elements of the Switch Asia programme were discussed like the Policy Support Components and financial reporting. Workshops were focused on elements like implementing SCP, Social Media engagement, the Switch Asia Bazaar online and Scaling Up SCP. The third day the Communication lab was held for 50 participants who subscribed for this programme. All facets of communication related to the project were discussed, good communication examples were given and a role play challenged the participants to put their best communication skills into practice.


The Participants of the EU-SWITCH Asia Networking Meeting Mr.Shravan  Shankar during the presentation of the Green Retail Project Mr.Shikhar Jain during the presentation of the Green Retail Project

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