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About The Project


The project Green Retail targets the Food & Beverage vertical (subsector) in the Indian retail sector with the
final aim of greening the retail supply chain (focus on MSMEs), facilitating the switch to resource efficient
practices in retailers operations and contributing to the evolution of green consumers.
The Food & Beverage subsector constitutes about 60 % of the retail sector in India (2011). The Energy consumption in the food & beverage retail subsector accounts for 15 % of their operational cost. The Food & Beverage sector also generates large amounts of waste, 40 % of food production in India is estimated to be wasted due to improper handling, transportation and storage.

Target Sector

Food & Beverage Vertical of India Retail Sector in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and National Capital Region (Delhi)

Target Groups

  • Retail Chains
  • MSMEs suppliers of large retailers
  • Government Bodies
  • Financial institutions
  • Civil Society
  • Farmer producer groups


The overall objective of this project is to contribute towards the sustainable development of the Indian Food & Beverage Retail Sector.

Specific Objectives

  1. To capacitate and collaborate with large retail chains with the aim of instilling sustainable thinking and adoption of sustainable approaches in their strategy, operations and marketing.
  2. To drive sustainable practices in the supply chain of retailers
  3. To transfer knowledge / best practices and experiences of European retailers.
  4. To capacitate, support and encourage key stakeholders to educate consumers on sustainable consumption and create a favourable climate that nurtures adoption of sustainable practices.

Value Chain Interventions